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Indonesia is the Archipelagic state that has big and small islands in a great quantity by thousands hectare plantation of coconut grows and ready to use. One of the regions in Indonesia that its coconut plantation is very wide is Kepulauan Riau (Kepri) Province, as the nearest province to Singapore. Besides Kepri, other provinces in Indonesia also have such these coconut plantation. Thatís why we have no anxiety of loosing and lacking coconut shell as our raw material.


Batam Island, which is in Kepri, Indonesia, is an island which is adjacent to Singapore. It possibly makes an access to other countries from Singapore easier than other places in Indonesia, so Batam by Indonesia government is legalized as Free Trade Zone Area that of course gives benefits to all executive to and from Indonesia,. Due to its geographical location which is adjacent to Singapore, all the export and import management such as Document Process and Customs Clearance are conducted in Singapore even though Batam is in Indonesia authority.

As a company that is located in Free Trade Zone, General Carbon Industry, PT experienced some benefits as stated in previous. It supports by Singapore condition as a Trade Channel Centre in which the shipping line to numerous country are easily found. Thus, our company, General Carbon Industry, PT, can automatically link into many countries; especially in fulfill our customersí requests.

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